Financial Planning For SMBs in Richmond & Central Virginia

Your job as a 401K Plan Sponsor/Fiduciary is hard enough. We, along with our 401K Plan partners, will help you calculate 401K fees and other plan feature, then re-energize your existing 401K retirement plan or help you create and maintain a high-quality 401K plan by providing a superior level of plan service for you and ongoing educational support for your participants.


Our Retirement Plan Servicing Philosophy

  • We believe that your 401K plan should offer a variety of investment options with a full spectrum of objectives
  • As a 401K advisor, we believe that helping 401K plan participants learn about retirement plan investing encompasses everything from enrolling in the 401 k plan all the way through to distribution planning.
  • We believe that you should have direct access to your 401K plan administrator and 401K plan record keeper when questions or an issue arises with your 401 K.
  • As a 401K advisor, we believe that high investment management fees in a 401K plan may erode the long-term savings of your 401K plan participants

401k Plan Sponsor Support

  • ​​We will help facilitate the adminstration of getting your new 401K plan installed or transferred to your new 401 k plan provider
    As a 401K advisor, we will show you how a selection of investments from more than one fund family can help create a more complete menu of investment options for your 401K plan
  • As a 401K advisor, we will help you learn as much as you can about the investments in your 401K plan, including how you can monitor 401K plan fund results and investment overlap.
  • We will help you avoid the most common pitfalls of 401K plan plan fiduciaries, such as reacting to short-term dips in the market by switching investments.
  • As a 401K advisor, we will montior the 401K plan service providers and recommend alternatives when necessary using 401K calculators and other resources.
  • We will monitor the growth of the 401K plan assets to make sure that the 401K plan is on the most appropriate and cost effective platform available at the 401K plan provider.
  • Using 401K calculators, we will benchmark 401K plan fees for reasonableness and value
    We will make sure that all 401K plan forms are filed in a timely manner.

Commitment to participant education and ongoing service

  • As a 401K advisor, we will provide customized 401K plan enrollment books and personally conduct the enrollment meeting for your new 401K retirement plan.
  • We will make sure your plan receives periodic retirement plan education, targeted to meet the needs of your employees.
  • As a 401K advisor, we will help to facilitate rollovers for your participants when they leave the plan.

Let's Talk!

We'd love to discuss your existing 401k plan and provide you with a free consultation to review your options. Give us a call at (804) 414-6575 or send us an email to get started today.